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Directing Solo Feminist Performer

Scholarship + Research


"If I do not dedicate enough time to research or if I teach too much or too little, my work as a director, as an artist, is compromised. The correct balance among the three activities is key." (Anne Bogart)


As a dedicated artist-scholar and teacher, Emily is interested in exploring the rich intersections and overlaps between theatre practice and theory.  Her artistic work regularly feeds her scholarly study, and her scholarship informs her creative practice.  Her primary research areas include: 

  • feminist & queer theatre,

  • directing practice, theory, & pedagogy,

  • intimacy choreography & consent-based practices,

  • theatre for social change.  

Emily is also the co-editor of the SDC Journal Peer Reviewed Section, with Ann Shanahan.




Articles & Essays

“Consent in/as Collaboration: Teaching Consent and Intimacy Practices in the Directing Classroom,” SDC Journal Peer Reviewed Section (Winter 2024).


“Beyond ‘Yes, and…’: Consent in the Theatre Arts Curriculum, On-stage and Off,” co-written with Natashia Lindsey, in Consent: Legacies, Representations, and Frameworks for the Future (November 2023).


“Relaxed Readiness, Increased Awareness, and Intimacy Protocols – Increasing Actors’ Agency and Authenticity in Stanislavsky’s System,” in Stanislavsky and Intimacy (November 2023).

"Teaching the “Intangibles”: Building Pedagogical Bridges Between Business, Entrepreneurship, and Theatre," in New Directions in Teaching Theatre Arts (2018).

"Directing the Spectacular: Utilizing the Spectacle of Imagination in A Year with Frog and Toad and SDC/ATHE's Role in Training Directors," Forum Essay, SDC Journal Peer Reviewed Section (Winter 2018).


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Using International Women Stage Directors in the Directing Classroom," Forum Essay, SDC Journal Peer Reviewed Section (Summer 2016).

“And we are here:” Performance, Reality, and Canadian National Identity in Electric Company Theatre’s Tear the Curtain!," Theatre Annual (Fall 2015).

“Intimate Relation(ship)s: The Development of Director-Performer Relationships in Feminist Solo Performance,” in About Directing (September 2014).



Book Reviews

“Diversities in Actor Training," Web Resource Review, Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches Theatrales au Canada, 38.1 (Summer 2017).


"International Women Stage Directors,” Book Review, Theatre History Studies, 2016.

"A Collaborative Director Prepares: Ric Knowles's Fundamentals of Directing," Canadian Theatre Review, vol. 167 (Summer 2016).

“Performing Gender Violence: Plays by Contemporary American Women Dramatists,” Book Review, Theatre Annual, vol. 66, 2013.


“Lady Macbeth in America: From the Stage to the White House,” Book Review, Theatre Survey (September 2012).


“Queer Theatre in Canada,” Book Review, Theatre Journal (December 2010).


“Cross-Gender Shakespeare and English National Identity: Wearing the Codpiece,” Book Review, Theatre Survey, October 2010.


“Creating Artful Dialogues: David Diamond’s Theatre for Living,” Canadian Theatre Review, Spring 2009.


Other Writing & Publications

"Breathing into It,Find Your Light podcast, August 2019.

"Academiexercising," Surviving Academia podcast, November 2018.

"Pre Show/Post Show" column, SDC Journal, Summer 2017.




Conferences & Organizational Affiliations


Stage Directors & Choreographers Society (SDC)

    *Associate Member

    *Co-Editor - SDC Journal Peer-Reviewed Section, 2019--current
   *Associate Book Review Editor - SDC Journal Peer-Reviewed Section, 2017-2019


Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)

    * Member at Large for Outreach, 2019-2021

    *Directing Program Focus Group Representative, 2016-2018

     *Directing Program Conference Planner, 2014-2016

     *All-Conference Planning Committee Member - Montreal, 2015 & Boston, 2018

     *Women and Theatre Program Focus Group Member


Canadian Association for Theatre Research

     *CATR Scholarships Committee Chair, 2018-current

     *Executive Committee Member-at-Large, 2015-2019


Mid-America Theatre Conference (MATC)

    *Practice/Production Symposium Interim Co-Coordinator, 2020. 

    *Executive Committee Member-at-Large, 2015-2017

    *Practice/Production Symposium Co-Coordinator, 2012-2014

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF), Region 7

Association for Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS)


Theatre Communications Group (TCG)

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