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These Shining Lives, photo by Melodie Yvonne

Intimacy Choreography + Education

"Passion fades. Choreography remains."
(Chelsea Pace & Laura Rikard, Theatrical Intimacy Education)



Establishing and supporting a consent-based learning and rehearsal environment is integral to Emily's artistic, pedagogical, and personal practices. 


Her work as an intimacy choreographer and educator stem from her work as a director, yoga instructor, and intersectional feminist. While she has engaged in these consent- and ensemble-based practices throughout her career, they have become a prominent part of her work in the past decade.


She currently serves as an Associate Faculty member with Theatrical Intimacy Education, and she is a founding member of PNW Theatrical Intimacy Collective.


She has consulted and choreographed moments of intimacy for productions such as Nora: A Doll's House, Fefu & her Friends, Spring Awakening, Holiday Inn: The MusicalMiss Bennet: Christmas at PemberleyStupid F**king BirdThe WolvesIn the Next Room, or the vibrator play, Much Ado About Nothing, Fences, These Shining Lives, In the Blood, and more. 

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